Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Beginnings!

It is interesting how we try to hold on to things that we know we really should let go of. However, God knows best and moves when we are still contemplating what the right move is. As I sat watching on-line service for the place that birth me into destiny spiritually, I was once again challenged to move beyond fear and apprehension to say a complete yes to what God has said and ordained. I have been released from the place that prevented me from moving forward and have nothing to hold me back from God's promises for my life and ministry.

Today is the new beginning. The question is now that I have it, what will I do with it. I am determined to do all that God has purposed in my heart to do. As Bishop Long taught on this morning "I Shall Pursue! I Shall Overtake and I Shall Recover All". No more delay, no more questioning, no more waiting for a person to call it into existence for me. God has spoken and that settles it.

It is time for my new beginning. I stand ready to accept the responsibility as senior pastor, leader, organizer and mentor. I have been prepared for this moment. It is my prayer that every lesson learned will be put into effect. I pray that I continue to serve as a spiritual "midwife" birthing people into their destiny. I pray to help spread the unadulterated word of God to the nations. I pray to fulfill everything that God has said over my life.

Today is my new beginning! I thank God for this moment and I pray to maximize it!