Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Power of Praying Women: Defying the Odds

It has been repeatedly stated that women cannot work together, play together or really be friends. Somehow it seems the claws come out and for one reason or another, the relationship seems to suffer. I must admit at one time in my life I used to support this notion. As a result, I would not make very many female friends because I did not want to deal with the drama. I guess that is why I had the same two best friends since the eighth grade. I loved having a male best friend because I did not have the drama associated with the competitiveness of women.

The tides would change when I went to seminary. I guess one thing is invaluable – relationships with praying women. Whether it was the struggles of classes, making sense of ministry, dealing with a broken relationship, or just a bad day, the praying women in my life have made all of the difference. Now that I have graduated from seminary, God has continued the relationships with my circle of praying sisters and it has grown. At a time when it is really needed in my life, I appreciate the wealth of wisdom, the encouragement, and the challenge that I receive from my praying Sistah friends.

I am thankful that God has aligned our paths during this particular point on the journey. I am thankful that I can send an email or make a phone call and they know just what to do. I really do know that it is possible to defy the odds and the stereotypes associated with women as friends. The key to its success is the ability to put God first, let God join together and know that prayer will make the impossible possible.

Keep Praying Ladies! I’m praying for you.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saying "Yes"

One of my favorite worship songs is “Yes” by Shekinah Glory Ministries. Usually as I prepare to write a sermon, I will play this song in order to set the atmosphere for my sermons. The song says “If I told you what I really need from thee, would your heart and soul say yes?” The song stress how the Lord says there is more that I require of you. As I reflect on the lyrics of this song, it never ceases to pierce my spirit that as I have committed my life to ministry, the more these statements and questions become real to me.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been placed in a cycle of personal issues while dealing with the day to day issues of church and ministry. As the pressure has become more intense of my own issues, once again I hear the lyrics to this song come to the forefront of my mind. Sometimes I question what exactly did I say yes to. What does it really mean to say “yes”? How much will it cost me or is costing me to say “yes” daily as I balance dying to myself in order to live out what God has called me to do?

Yes has cost me relationships which brings on periods of loneliness. Yes has cost me finances when I have known what it is to do well. Yes, has cost me the structure of security as the world would define it. Some people would say that Christians have no right to become depressed. However, I would be a liar if I did not say that in the midst saying yes, I have felt sad and depressed at times. The question becomes what happens when it seems like your faith is not enough to sustain through “yes”?

The more I say “yes” the more issues seem to come forward. The more I say “yes” the more I begin to question. The more I say “yes” the more unsecure my footing seems to be by my definition or comfort. What does it mean to sacrifice all for the sake of the ministry and this calling which I have? At this point, I can’t turn back because there is nothing to turn back to. All has been abandoned to fulfill this calling. I regret none of it and I will continue to press on. One thing is for certain, “yes” cost but at all cost, I must continue to run on and see what the end will be.